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AMIA Studios' January 2005 Catalog, "A Decade Of Difference,"
Introduces Exciting New Product And Commemorates Firm's 10th Anniversary

AMIA's creative difference in glass artwork glistens in collections including
"Celebration," "Painted Diamonds," "Military" and "Bridal Bouquet"

Denver, CO
- During its 10th anniversary year, AMIA Studios, the nation's top-selling designer and maker of exquisite, innovative glass window art and other hand-painted glass, is again raising the creative bar in the decorative art glass industry with the introduction of its most innovative, largest-ever collection of new products for January 2005.

AMIA Studios' anniversary slogan, and the title of its 2005 catalog, "A Decade of Difference," is especially apropos for a company that has been wildly successful in transforming the creation of every-day stained glass designs into a highly stylized art form.  "When AMIA began 10 years ago, this type of stained glass work was not taken seriously," says John Damron, the firm's president. We're proud that AMIA's innovation and dedication to quality, has helped to raise this artform to a highly respected gift category, which has proven extremely desirable with consumers. We're gratified to have experienced this decade of beauty, innovation and quality workmanship in hand-painted glass giftware.  That difference is the whole theme of AMIA's 10th anniversary!"

In December 2004, Giftbeat magazine ranked AMIA as the #1 vendor in its glassware category, based on polling data collected from more than 300 retail stores. "Over the past several years, our ranking with Giftbeat has steadily increased, from #9 in glassware, to #6 to #4 to #2 - and now to #1," Damron says. "That recognition was a great way to end 2004, and to begin AMIA's 10-year celebration." In 2005, he adds, AMIA will expand further into five major classifications: gift, Christmas, souvenir, inspirational and home de'cor.

The majority of the firm's product offerings fall into the gift classification. AMIA's 2005 Christmas Catalog will be introduced in March 2005. "We'll debut a new range of product that will be totally different from what anyone else has ever done with hand-painted glass," Damron promises. The catalog will include a selection of Mary Engelbreit's Christmas designs along with those of other prominent licensed artists.

AMIA's souvenir classification for 2005 includes four "Celebration" collections from America's North, West, East and South to help commemorate the firm's year-long anniversary. "We're celebrating across the nation in 2005, with new products and designs reflecting the AMIA difference," Damron says. The "Celebration" collections are: "Celebrating in the North," whimsical suncatchers depicting Alaskan life from new AMIA artist Barbara Lavallee; "Celebrating in the West," showcasing the images and spirit of the West from artist Jody Bergsma; "Celebrating in the East," with gleaming new designs in the firm's collection of historic, authentic East Coast lighthouses; and "Celebrating in the South," with Hospitality Panels -- innovative  rectangular welcome panels topped with a  half-moon shaped suncatcher.

As the popularity of inspirational items continues to soar in 2005, AMIA debuts three new collections and a window panel centered on this theme. "Patchworks of Merit," designed by artists Pat and Dave Stanley, features a series of six patchwork designs that honor the American spirit. Each suncatcher is created using three linked pieces of hand-cut beveled glass and each has a unique theme, pattern and accompanying scripture. For example, "Strength of America" features Philippians 4:13: "I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength." (4.5" W x 11.75"H, MSRP $14)

World-renowned artist Lena Liu lends her signature style to an exclusive collection of "Inspirational Angels." Each of Liu's three designs - "Guardian Angel," "Angel of Love" and "Angel of Light" - is available as a suncatcher or cross. Pieces capture Liu's appreciation for nature, tranquil landscapes and breathtaking florals. Each cross has a specially designed stand inscribed with the identity of the angel. (Crosses: 9" W x 12.5" H, MSRP $24; Suncatchers: 6.5" W x 9" H, MSRP $18)

The "Inspirational Suncatcher Gallery" features more than 25 new designs by licensed artist Kathleen Denis. Denis' artwork reflects the value she places on relaxation, reading and prayer. (Oval and round suncatchers in range of sizes, MSRP $10- $24)

AMIA has created a spectacular stained glass replica of Leonardo DaVinci's masterpiece, "The Last Supper," in a wood framed window panel. "This piece is an exquisite example of master craftsmanship," Damron says. "Plus, it has a pricepoint that makes it well suited for churches and organizations, as well as the home." (40" W x 20" H, MSRP $170)

Home De'cor
Several new and extended collections showcase AMIA's home de'cor classification for 2005. Highlights include crystal diamond-cut paperweights; a pair of "Painted Ladies"; four new collections featuring apples, daisies, roses, butterflies and tropical flowers; a lacy "Bridal Bouquet"; fairy suncatchers; beveled, green emerald hummingbirds; and historical military posters. 

"Painted Diamonds" are hand-painted multifaceted crystal diamonds, perfect for desktop paperweights or as a sparkling tabletop accessory when placed in AMIA's specially designed setting with a platinum-like finish. Together, the paperweight and setting have the look of a brilliant, eye-popping diamond ring. The paperweight includes a black velvet presentation box.  (Paperweights: 2.5" H x 4" Diameter, $10; Setting, approximately 1.5" W x 2.5" H x 5" L, MSRP $8)

Magnificent and spectacular, "Painted Ladies" panels are authentic museum quality reproductions of fine turn of the century leaded window panels. The hand-painted Art Nouveau designs are surrounded by 124 pieces of intricate individually cut clear glass bevels, crafted in the European style. "The expressions of the women depicted in "Painted Ladies" are incredibly beautiful," Damron says. "Our designers closely modeled their work on two paintings by artist Alfonse Mucha, a famed artist from the Art Nouveau period." (20" W x 40" H, MSRP $300)

The "Apple Orchard" collection features a bright, crisp design of luscious red apples intertwined with heady apple blossoms, while artist Kathleen Denis's "Daisies & Butterflies" and "Roses & Butterflies" collections reflect this artist's love for nature and floral subjects. Artist Kathleen McKenna's passion for color and reverence for nature are evident in the "Tropical Punch" collection, which is abloom with hibiscus, bird of paradise and other exotic flowers. Pure white floral and vine designs by artist Diane Bunker, applied by hand onto frosted etched glass, are breathtakingly showcased in the "Bridal Bouquet" collection. "Items in the ĊeBridal Bouquet' collection are etched, beveled and hand-painted to resemble icing on a cake," Damron says. "This is a fascinating new look in the giftware industry, and one that puts AMIA into the bridal business." (Collections have 14-18 pieces, including suncatchers, jewelry boxes, vases and pictures frames, MSRP $8 - $70)

AMIA's extensive Suncatcher Collection has several new delightfully whimsical and nostalgic designs from renowned artist Mary Engelbreit, as well as eight enchanting suncatchers called "On Fairy Wings." The fairies' shimmering glass beaded, multi colored wings make these fantasy figures in their fruit and floral gardens come alive in the sunlight. (Various sizes and shapes, MSRP $8 - $20)

"Wind Beneath My Wings," a new addition to the firm's popular Beveled Glass collection, is "new and different, at a pricepoint that's unbelievable," Damron says. Pieces glisten with emerald green beveled hummingbirds in flight on clear glass. Each bird is made of multiple hand-cut bevels, adding perspective and dimension. (8-piece collection, including vases, cross and cornice set, MSRP $30 - $140) Other new beveled pieces include "Peacock" and "Hot Air Balloon Moonbursts." The elegant peacock design, crafted from 64 hand-cut clear bevels, makes a prestigious home accent. (16.5"W x 9"H, $45) Each of the three hot air balloons is available in a different size and is made of both colored and clear bevels. (Various sizes, MSRP $28 - $44)

Historical poster memorabilia and authentic military insignias salute America's stars and stripes in AMIA's Military Collection. Window panels of three famous historical posters celebrate the men and women of our armed services, past and present. Military insignias of the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force are now available in jumbo, 11.5" W x 7"H tabletop screen picture frames, suncatchers and beveled jewelry boxes. "After being the first to introduce military insignias in hand-painted glass, we had many, many requests to expand this category," Damron says. "Our ĊeJumbo Circle Suncatchers' are a wonderful way for citizens and those who have family in the military to display their patriotism and pride." (Various sizes and shapes, MSRP $16 - $40)

AMIA is also offering retailers an "Adjustable Chrome Floor Displayer"   to showcase the artistry of window panels and larger suncatchers. The displayer can be placed in an open, tri-fold or rectangular position. (86.5"H, side sections 26.5"W and center section 35" W, MSRP $360)

In other AMIA news, the firm opened a new U.S. facility in Costa Mesa, CA, in December 2004. The building houses the company's creative, design, research and financial departments.

AMIA Studios has offices in Denver, Colorado, and Hong Kong and is distributed nationally by Blair Cedar of Camdenton, MO. Designs by AMIA Studios are sold to specialty gift and decorative accessory stores. For catalog requests and sales and marketing inquiries, please contact Blair Cedar at 345 West Highway 54, Camdenton, MO 65020, or call 800.325.3943.

Media Inquiries: contact Professional Marketing, 616.949.9104,

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AMIA Studios is the leading giftware line and manufacturer of high quality decorative hand painted glass giftware. With United States offices located in Costa Mesa, CA, and Denver and international offices, including a world-class design studio in Hong Kong, AMIA is committed to the presentation of creative, high-quality, innovative gift products, at a great value, to the ever-growing gift market.  AMIA is distributed in the U. S. by Blair Cedar, Camdenton, MO, and in Canada by Wizard Gift, located in Ontario.

AMIA Studios rated #1 in Glassware, Giftbeat Dealer Poll, December 2004

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